Sign Size Matters?

"The size of your sign is not important; it's the ability to attract attention that counts,"
Jim Callahan, Signtronix Signs

According to a recent SBA study the 3 key factors to the successful development of your commercial property are Visibility, Accessibility and Parking.

With visibility being the number one consideration in generating attention for your location from the mobile market in front of your location, you must ask yourself, "Am I doing a satisfactory job drawing attention to my business?"

Your potential customers can draw three conclusions from your business front.

1. A good impression.
2. A bad impression.
3. No impression at all - they don't see you.

When was the last time YOU spent money at a business that projected a poor image, or a business you never saw? If you are like most of the population, the answer is, "Never!"

The average customer has less than 7 seconds to develop an impression about your business. The old axiom, "First impressions are lasting impressions" has never been more true. If you want to MAKE MORE MONEY in today's competitive market, you better put your best foot forward.

The "sure fire" method in the past of attracting attention has been to put up the biggest sign possible. You see this method employed at almost every franchise location. It works, but at a cost. The average franchise spends over $75,000 on signage. Premium franchises spend 2 to 4 times that amount. Why? It works!

Most independent business owners have budget constraints, location restrictions, and a limited knowledge of marketing tactics. The end result is a poor outdoor advertising campaign. What can you do?

The first thing is to arm yourself with some basic knowledge about consumer recognition. Your success DOES NOT depend on sign size, but YOUR ability to attract new customers to your location. Here are some standards that you need to consider:

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Key Factors in Attracting Attention

1. People think in PICTURES, not words. No matter what language people speak, a GRAPHIC creates INSTANT RECOGNITION. A graphic that describes your business will define you in seconds. A words only type sign gets less than 10% visibility, a graphic gets over 80%!

2. COLOR grabs attention. Think "Golden Arches." If your sign program has a color scheme that blends into its surroundings you are effectively camouflaging your message.

3. LIGHT! It does not matter what your hours of operation are. People (potential customers) are mobile and in front of your business 24 hours a day. Many NEW CUSTOMERS see your business for the first time "after hours."

4. MOTION! A sign that presents motion or action is 90% more effective than a sign that is static. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

5. CONSISTANCY! Present a consistent image and message to your customers and they will remember you. Your sign should reflect the image you are presenting with your other advertising methods. People "Go Where They Know." Your Yellow Pages, News Paper, Radio, and Direct Marketing advertising will generate more business when people recognize "Who You Are" and "Where You Are Located."

6. IMAGE. Consumers need to interpret your message as positive and "up to date." When a potential new customer looks at your business they need to say to themselves, "I can get what I am looking for at that business."

Before making an investment in any sign upgrade consider these proven factors. Find a sign company that is focused on how to generate new customers FOR YOU. You already have more business driving past your location every day than you could possibly handle, if you could just attract a fraction of them in. You don't need the biggest sign; You need the most effective and attractive one!

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