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Dec 29 2014

Signtronix - The Few, the Proud, the Sijans

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Richard Houston Eleven Time Winner Seth McNeal NineTime Winner Jeff Van Horn Six Time Winner Tim McNeal Six Time Winner Ron English Five Time Winner Ron Gither

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Sep 12 2012

Signtronix - Trailblazers Madness Has Strong Finale

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We have great news from RM Lance Pelton now that their annual “March Madness” contest has come to an end.  And the winner is…..Tim Knight!  In dramatic fashion Tim catapulted to the winners podium in a finale not seen since Will Welsh in 2009. 

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Mar 16 2012

Signtronix - Lance P. Sijan Award Winners

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Lance P. Sijan Shines in St. Louis The saying goes something like “Birds of a feather stick together”, but when it comes to the Lance P. Sijan Award the saying is a little different. “Birds of a feather stick together because wings of glory fly high and in perfect formation!” The true story of Lance […]

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Feb 17 2012

St. Louis Road Warriors II

After closing on a 6ft EMC and a headliner, Seth asked, “Why did you buy from me today?” They liked his low-pressure sales approach! Seth said, “When we do it right, it’s amazing.

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Oct 29 2011

Signtronix Lance P. Sijan Award Winners

Sijan Wings Fly Higher and Soar Faster   RM Richard Houston is known for his persistence and determination when it comes to the Lance P. Sijan Award. This time around it’s no different. Richard made sacrifices and pushed himself to new limits to complete his SEVENTH Sijan Award. He is the one person at Signtronix […]

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