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Jan 16 2015

Signtronix - Alabama “A” Team

Shane McNair is working his way closer to Senior Dealer. He recently found a Dental Office in need of a new Model 38. Jon Howell has been having fun working with almost everybody on the team. He started the month of October working with Bruce Carpenter and helping a Fitness Gym with an LED-60 2-line […]

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Jan 12 2015

Signtronix - Boston Team Eagle

Greg Day was excited to write that infamous 10th contract and move on to Senior Dealer. He made a decision at the Monday morning meeting that this was the week to accomplish his goal. Tuesday, Greg placed an LED-40-3 at a Liquor Store, and Wednesday, he placed a LED-60-2 to a Gun Shop & Range.

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Jan 09 2015

Signtronix - Georgia Bulldawgs

RM Taylor Hall said, “We want to give a big thank you to all of our Veterans.” To give the biggest honor to our Veterans, they went out and worked as hard as possible. RM Taylor Hall would like to congratulate new Dealer Philip Arnold on his Icebreaker! Philip placed an LED-40 while working with […]

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Dec 30 2013

Signtronix - Trailblazers Finish Strong In August Part 1

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The Trailblazers are moving ahead with plans to be at the top at the end of the year!  Tyler Derebery continues to impress with orders and orders and more orders!  His most recent locations were a Smokeless Cigarette Shop where he placed a Model 310 SF and a Model 46 to a Flower Shop. Tyler […]

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Jul 29 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - Nashville Katz

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The Katz want to welcome Brett Outz to the team! Brett was personally recruited by DM Eddy Ballis. Eddy was working with him and placed a Model 58 with two 8’ 3-line EMC’s earning him a pocketful of cash! Luke Allen wrote a couple of contracts to finish the month strong. The first was an […]

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Jul 24 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - Alabama “A” Team

The Alabama “A” Team is growing and working as a true team and having a great time! Jon Howell is on a mission to be in the Top Five in Mexico. He started off April with a Model 38 at a Waterless Carwash while showing new Dealer, Evan Watkins, a “Personal Recruit” of Slade Armstrong […]

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Jul 05 2013

The Proven Program for Success with Signtronix Part 1

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How do I reap the full benefits the Signtronix opportunity presents and guarantee my success with this company? The question is one that surfaces from the very first contact with Signtronix and continues through the lifetime of a Dealer that joins our team and embarks on their career path with our company. You are with […]

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Apr 01 2013

Signtronix - Two More Down in the Quest for 50

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St. Louis Road Warrior DM Seth and Sarah McNeal can check off two more states on their quest for 50.  The McNeals are working their way through beautiful New England and loving every minute of it!

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Sep 14 2012

Pure Signtronix Beauty - Signtronix

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Steel City Eagle DM Frank “The Machine” Marzullo continues to prove his nickname is completely accurate, if not understated! Frank was out field training on Monday of last week with a ride-a-long. He sold TWO contracts.

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Apr 02 2012

Signtronix - Nashville Katz

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You have all heard the phrase, “When you want something bad enough you will find the money.” Well, Nashville Katz RM Bill Gigax took that phrase to a whole new level. Bill was talking to a mother and daughter team who just opened a Nail Salon in Tennessee.

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