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Jan 09 2015

Signtronix - Georgia Bulldawgs

RM Taylor Hall said, “We want to give a big thank you to all of our Veterans.” To give the biggest honor to our Veterans, they went out and worked as hard as possible. RM Taylor Hall would like to congratulate new Dealer Philip Arnold on his Icebreaker! Philip placed an LED-40 while working with […]

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Jun 21 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - New Mexico Roadrunners

January started with positive activity! It was a great start with the addition of two new dealers on January 1st! RM Andrew Howe said, “We welcome Donovan Rhodes and David Joy.” An outstanding experience was day three of training when the class observed RM Andrew Howe demonstrate the presentation to a farmer who was intrigued […]

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May 01 2013

Signtronix - Ice Breaks In Omaha

Omaha Pioneers would like to welcome new dealers Dan Robbins and John Sullivan! After a week of class and field training, Dan broke the Ice with a pair of Model 46 panels to Metal Medics under the watchful eye of DM Ron Sibbel. Great job, Dan! It’s just a matter of time before John breaks […]

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Mar 22 2013

Signtronix - Road Warriors Reap Success

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Some of the St. Louis Road Warriors headed out on a road trip together to Northern Missourithis week.  Amazing things happen when there’s a lot of team effort and group support.  Mike Moore is having his BEST week since joining Signtronix. 

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Dec 28 2012

Formula for Success - Signtronix

The more desire you have to improve some part of yourself, the more successful you’ll become.   After every basketball game, a high school basketball coach watches the videotape and analyzes what the team did so he can reinforce the things the team did well and suggest ways to improve the things they didn’t do well.

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Dec 19 2012

Signtronix - Heroism Inspires A Sijan Great

According to Georgia Bull dawg DM Craig Jarrett, “Things are great in the field! You hear everyone complaining about business being bad as well as all the excuses people come up with to justify the situation. The only reason every dealer around the country is not battling for the top spot in the company is […]

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Oct 17 2012

Signtronix - Rear View Mirror Can Show Future Possibilities Part 1

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What is your BEST Travel Story? Here are a few whoppers from the rear view mirror. For DM Steve Johnson, road trips are simple. Follow the Signtronix program. Go to City Hall to get codes and regulations. Look for Signtronix customers first. Go to work. It’s no wonder he’s so successful! The most memorable trip […]

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Mar 26 2012

Signtronix - Stick – To – Itiveness

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Stick-to-itiveness? Yes, stick-to-itiveness. You might say, “That isn’t even a word!” True, you won’t find it listed in any of the establishment dictionaries, so it is not widely considered a “word”.

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Mar 14 2012

Signtronix - Dominican Republic

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Knows Champions The Dominican Republic is no stranger to Champions and won’t have any hesitation welcoming the Signtronix Champions in February 2012. Even with it’s simple and minimalistic lifestyle, this country exudes success. Only second to the United States, the Domincan Republic proudly boasts being the country with the most players in Major League Baseball!

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Feb 17 2012

St. Louis Road Warriors II

After closing on a 6ft EMC and a headliner, Seth asked, “Why did you buy from me today?” They liked his low-pressure sales approach! Seth said, “When we do it right, it’s amazing.

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