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Jan 12 2015

Signtronix - Boston Team Eagle

Greg Day was excited to write that infamous 10th contract and move on to Senior Dealer. He made a decision at the Monday morning meeting that this was the week to accomplish his goal. Tuesday, Greg placed an LED-40-3 at a Liquor Store, and Wednesday, he placed a LED-60-2 to a Gun Shop & Range.

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Jun 05 2013

Signtronix Roundup - Indiana Timberwolves & Pocono Mountaineers

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Pocono Mountaineers RM Denny Giacobe and Indiana Timberwolves RM Dave Grosmann have been on the road together in Ohio with lots of success! They called on a Signtronix customer who owns a Print Shop.

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Apr 03 2013

Signtronix - No Time To Relax

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DM Ron Sibbel after a long day of lite-ups and placing his 8th location of the month just wanted to sit down, have a beer and relax.  So, he found a quiet little Bar and placed his order.  It wasn’t long before Ron and the owner of the Bar were striking up a conversation.  

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Mar 25 2013

Signtronix - Taking Philadelphia by Storm

Pennsylvania Liberty Bells RM Joe Brewer has been showing St. Louis Road Warriors DM Seth McNeal the sights, sounds and sales of Philadelphia. Joe and Seth, along with leading ladies, Rosemary and Sarah, went to Phillies game, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

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Jan 23 2013

Signtronix - Texas Trailblazers in for September Surprise

The Texas Trailblazers are excited to begin a new contest called SEPTEMBER SURPRISE.  It’s sure to be a lot of fun and very rewarding to the finalists who achieve the final prize!!  We’ll have more news very soon on the September Surprise contest.

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Dec 17 2012

Road Trip Success - Signtronix

The temperature is hitting way over 100 so one would think ice would be melting, but in the St. Louis Road Warrior region it is BREAKING!   New dealer just out of training, Mike Holloway, is working with Greg Haney this week inNorthern Ohio. As they were taught, they headed out Sunday evening to where they [...]

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Sep 05 2012

Signtronix - Importance Of Building Value

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Steel City Eagle Chad Bubb called DM Brad Whistler this morning excited about the sale he made. On his third lite-up he visited with the owner of the Novelty T-shirt Store who really loved the LED-60.  Her brother works in the store too so she asked him how he liked the sign. 

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Apr 04 2012

Signtronix - Copper State Cool Rays 1

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The Copper State Cool Rays are on the move. June was a true JUBILEE! After several setbacks, Jim Dorsey is chomping at the bit to get out of the gate. He closed an LED-40 giving him a taste of his future.

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Apr 02 2012

Signtronix - Nashville Katz

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You have all heard the phrase, “When you want something bad enough you will find the money.” Well, Nashville Katz RM Bill Gigax took that phrase to a whole new level. Bill was talking to a mother and daughter team who just opened a Nail Salon in Tennessee.

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Oct 14 2008

Birmingham Alabama Business Owner-Signtronix Customer Comments

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Dear Signtronix, Since I have received out second sign from your company, it has drawn attention from our customers. We really like the way it looks and the image it gives our business. Several customers have also had good comments on our sign. As a matter of fact, two customers drove past our business and [...]

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