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Jan 16 2015

Signtronix - Alabama “A” Team

Shane McNair is working his way closer to Senior Dealer. He recently found a Dental Office in need of a new Model 38. Jon Howell has been having fun working with almost everybody on the team. He started the month of October working with Bruce Carpenter and helping a Fitness Gym with an LED-60 2-line […]

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Jan 08 2014

Signtronix - Are You Looking For Sales Stars?

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You can find SALES STARS in the most unlikely places.  Are you looking?  Sometimes potential sales talent is standing right in front of you.  They may be busy fund raising, serving dinner or working at a retail store. 

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Oct 04 2013

Signtronix - Frank’s Barber Shop

This was a replacement sign. My first sign was also from your company. The company then was called ‘Gulf’. That was 31 years ago. I was very pleased then and I am very pleased now.

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Jul 05 2013

The Proven Program for Success with Signtronix Part 1

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How do I reap the full benefits the Signtronix opportunity presents and guarantee my success with this company? The question is one that surfaces from the very first contact with Signtronix and continues through the lifetime of a Dealer that joins our team and embarks on their career path with our company. You are with […]

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Mar 18 2013

Signtronix - The Numbers Game Part 2

By Tom Johnson The reason we hired 2 recruiters at the home office is to take the pressure off you when it comes to sorting out the resumes, phone calls, etc. We want to put “BUTTS IN YOUR CHAIRS” then you train them, you sell in the field with them, you stick with them, you […]

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Mar 21 2012

Signtronix - St. Louis Road Warriors

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The Road Warriors have been full of orders and activity with DM Tim McNeal leading the way. He wrote a TON of business for the month, earned a Bonus Sign, and pocketed more in commissions than he made in six months before Signtronix. Tim also received his 6th Sijan and on his way to a […]

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