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Jan 16 2015

Signtronix - Alabama “A” Team

Shane McNair is working his way closer to Senior Dealer. He recently found a Dental Office in need of a new Model 38. Jon Howell has been having fun working with almost everybody on the team. He started the month of October working with Bruce Carpenter and helping a Fitness Gym with an LED-60 2-line […]

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Jul 29 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - Nashville Katz

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The Katz want to welcome Brett Outz to the team! Brett was personally recruited by DM Eddy Ballis. Eddy was working with him and placed a Model 58 with two 8’ 3-line EMC’s earning him a pocketful of cash! Luke Allen wrote a couple of contracts to finish the month strong. The first was an […]

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Oct 15 2012

Signtronix - Working on the Road is Great Part 3

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First lite-up, POW! I sold a Model 412 and got a handful of cash. I handed the cash to Bob asking him to count it to make sure it was all there. Bob confirmed it was, and I put the cash in my pocket. I pulled into an Appliance Store.

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Feb 27 2012

Nashville Katz

Thank you Signtronix for our C.A.R.P. Cash Awards Referral Program! Eddy Ballisgot a call from a previous Signtronix customer that was so excited about his new LED-60 that he was telling all his business friends. The customer told Eddy to go see a business friend that owned a Restaurant.

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