Dec 29 2011

Singtronix – How To Get Rich As A Direct Salesperson – 2

Total Money Makeover  by Dave Ramsey - After I discovered how to save money, I still had way too many bills and was tired of working so much. This book was written for direct sales because we, through our actions, can change our income every month, which can accelerate the principles in this book! This book is different than any money book I have ever read and again fits us perfectly. In a very short time I cut my monthly bills, and lessened the load on my shoulders. Purchase the book on CD. There is too much in this book to cover in one meeting but it had a huge impact on my life and my peace of mind.


TAXES - We get paid up front. We get all of the money up front.  We can really get ourselves in trouble very quickly if you do not have a tax plan. I spent the first 14 years in this business always dealing with the IRS. The solutions are very simple, so simple that few do them.

My goal here is not just to help you from getting into tax problems but to pay the smaller amounts legally to the IRS! Get an accountant, NOW! Have an expert take care of finding ways to lower your tax bill. Deductions that you did not know about like did you know that two years ago if you bought an SUV, you received a $5000 tax break? AskRoger Pelton!  Depreciations on our computers, cars, printers, etc. are also write-offs.  If you are doing your own taxes, you are paying more than you need to… by the thousands!!!!

  1. Form an LLC or an S-Corp (not a C-Corp.)  Give yourself a small paycheck each month. Run all expenses through a corporation. This will lower the amount you will pay in taxes and most importantly make you creditable to the IRS. You can develop business credit for the future, and it will give you a better feeling about how you are running your life, Mr. President of a corporation!
  2. Keep a travel log each day.  Log the miles and gas and keep all receipts. Put the receipts in an envelope marked January, February etc.

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