Dec 25 2011

Signtronix – There is Magic in Believing if You Don’t Believe in Magic

By Joe Brewer

I have been with Signtronix for 16 years.  I had a bit of a detour since leaving 18 years ago to start my own company back in 1991 and returned 14 months ago.  I must say for those who believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence to please re-think this delusion.


The magic that Signtronix has is not only the product but also the people.  There is no other place I would rather be than home here at Signtronix.  They say that home is always a place you can be safe.

BELIEVING in my opinion is the first step in making anything happen.  Believing you can learn a presentation, believing in your product, believing in yourself and believing in your faith as well as believing in people that really believe in you.  In my case, this was people like Kozy Boren,Tom Johnson, Vernie Boren, Steve Ingemi and Buddy Swisshelm as well as a host of others who have helped me re-enter the Signtronix world.


When people get squeezed in this thing called life, they either fold or they focus.  Family helps you focus and brings out the best in you.


My background has always been in the art field, and Signtronix allowed me to use my gifts in layout and design and create magic when the customer sees their sign.  How cool is that?


Signtronix to me is a UNIQUE place where magic happens and where God given talents and gifts are recognized daily.


So that is why I say…… “There is Magic in Believing if you don’t Believe in Magic!

“Good leaders have a great deal of modesty.  They take a backseat to their team members.” ~Tom Johnson

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