Jan 14 2015

Signtronix - Steel City Eagles

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Steel City Eagle Frank Marzullo had a bad day! One of his mishaps was that he got a cracked windshield. As luck would have it, Frank’s wife, Cat, also had a broken windshield. Putting the off-day behind him, Frank got up bright and early and headed into the field. First call was to an Auto Glass Shop where he placed a Model 46 and proceeded to get both his and Cat’scar windows replaced. You can’t beat that! Continuing to make that bad day disappear, Frank placed a Model 286/EMC Combo to an Auto Towing business. Keep those contracts coming in, Frank!

Jeff Bouvyhelped the team by placing 2 full color EMC’s and 3 Model 48 panels to a BP Gas Station. Nice job, Jeff. And, not to be left out, Scott Weir placed a Model 286/ EMC Combo! Way to go, Scott!

Steel City Eagles are warming up and plan to end the year with a BIG bang!

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