Nov 01 2011

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Richard Houston *Five Time* Signtronix Sijan Award Winner


RM Richard Houston has completed a feat only dreamed about by many. He has completed his 5th Lance Sijan Award. Not only has he completed five, but he has completed them consecutively! Anyone who has completed or even attempted the complex undertaking of the Sijan knows the diligence and courage it demands. We salute Richard for his firm conviction to succeed!

But wait, how does he do it?


When asked what has ‘gotten into him’ in the last 5 months, Richard laughed and stated he is just about to turn 40, and was running out of time for having enough money for his retirement. He decided he had to “turn on the switch.” He simply had to put into action all the things he’s been told to do for years. It was just a matter of “making the decision” to be more than he was.

1. Listen to PMA tapes every day.

2. Read some of a positive book every day.

3. Put your goals down on paper and a set date for achieving them. He said that he read in one of the books that “you can’t beat someone who has over 100 goals.” He has over 200 goals and has already achieved many of them.

4. Shoot for 5 lite-ups every day, by getting in the field by 9 am and not quitting for the day before 7 pm.

5. Work your 24 Call Sheet. He used to cherry pick, but has developed the habit of going door-to-door. Since he started to do this, he has written quite a few businesses that he would have never called on before.

6. Listen to a CD of the presentation at least 2 times a week. This keeps the presentation on the “top of his mind” so that he doesn’t get into the habit of skipping anything.

7. Work 6 days a week! He usually writes at least one order on Saturday and has written two orders on numerous Saturdays. Many owners he catches on Saturday are absentee owners who are not at the business during the week.

8. Go through the flash cards of “Axioms and Closes” at least 2 times a week. This keeps him sharp. Therefore, he responds to the customer comfortably with the axioms or close that is needed in each particular situation.

9. Before going to work daily, verbalize affirmations (goals expressed in the present tense as if they have already been achieved) out loud with emotion and passion.

10. Richard is doing the one thing Jim Rohn always emphasizes, which could be his secret in a nutshell:

To Be Successful In Life You Have To Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job!


“I would like to congratulate Richard Houston on his 5th Sijan Award, and say how much we appreciate his decision to take advantage of the opportunity that this company has to offer. His being a fantastic example will pave the way for all those who dare to follow his lead. Our hats are off to you, Richard!” ~RM Dave Grosmann

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