Dec 21 2011

Signtronix Lance P. Sijan Is Smiling

This AMAZING award, dedicated to the memory of Lance P. Sijan, is being honored all across the country as several Signtronix dealers set out to make September Signtronix Sijan a month to remember.  Signtronix San Anotnio Gunslinger Daniel Reuter is well on his way.  Signtronix Georgia Bulldogs Marvin Paige and Craig Jarrett are closing in on the finish line.  Seth McNeal has 12 contracts toward Signtronix Sijan under his belt,  Tim McNeal and Bob Hollen are working diligently toward achieving their goal.  And, Mr. Sijan himself, Richard Houston, is nearing completion of his 11th award.

Here’s a recent Signtronix Sijan Facebook post by Tim McNeal…  It’s been great to do a Signtronix Sijan after a couple of years. This is my sixth Signtronix Sijan. This has been a special time working with my son Seth and Bob Hollen. All three of us are on track. Lance Sijan’s family should know that Lance’s death, though tragic, has been a special blessing to so many Signtronix families. I hope they take some measure of comfort in knowing this.

Be among the few, the proud, the Signtronix Sijans!

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.”  ~John Dryden

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