Sep 04 2011

Signtronix Lady Of The Month

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Lila Van Horn

She’s humble, kind and honest. She’s not afraid to work hard. She likes creating memories. She’ll always make you smile, laugh and enjoy life. She’s the amazing, intriguing and sincerely genuine Lila Van Horn. Lila was born in California and, for a short while, lived in Torrance near the Signtronix factory. Her family moved after a couple years in California, making some detours along the way, before settling back in South Dakota. After growing up in a small town, Lila attended college and became a Special Education Teacher. Besides teaching, Lila was involved with many Special Olympics events, volunteered as a “Big Sister” and tutored many students who needed extra help.

Lila said, “In March of 2000, it was God’s plan that I have a strong man with a soft heart in my life.” As Lila was getting ready to leave with her girlfriends from a Restaurant/Bar, the determined Jeff Van Horn overheard their next stop… a Country Bar! Jeff was not a fan of country music, but decided to go after what he really wanted. When Jeff asked Lila to dance, she politely turned him down. Not giving up, Jeff sheepishly told her the only reason he came there was to meet her! “I was flattered.” Jeff wasted no time and called her the next day. A year and a half later they were Mr. and Mrs. Van Horn. Jeff’s two children, Aleah and Austin (now 19 and 13 years old), were in their wedding. Lila and Jeff also have three kids, Sophia, 7, Sawyer, 5, and Sidney, 4.

Lila is an enthusiastic leader in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). The MOPS motto is “Better Moms make a Better World”, so they are continuing that vision with a new Teen MOPS group that Lila is currently forming. A dabble in scrapbooking, some patchwork quilts and LOTS of cooking and baking keep Lila’s spare time filled with fun and learning. Mostly she loves to spend time with her kids, and of course, they never object to time with mom! Jeff said, “I am really proud of the way she raises our children, and how she is involved with mother’s groups and with the church. She is a great mother, wife and friend to all, and has a curiosity and desire to keep learning and growing.” Just recently, Lila started working part-time at Junior Achievement coordinating volunteers to teach classes about money, finances, business ethics, etc. in K-12 grade classrooms.

It’s been nearly five and a half years since Jeff answered a newspaper ad for Signtronix. “To say I was a bit skeptical at first would be a huge understatement! But, I was able to be a stay-at-home mom when our children were little. There was truly no greater joy in my life than being home with my kids. It would not have been possible without Jeff’s career with Signtronix. Our life changing events occurred as Jeff was able to create his ‘own payday’ instead of living paycheck to paycheck.”

“Of all the fun Signtronix memories of trips, tours and friends, I think the greatest memories are the times Jeff has taken me out to work with him (leaving the kids with grandma) and I have experienced first-hand what he actually does. This summer we were out for a few days, stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and I watched Jeff write contracts! Really, the exciting part was going to the bank with him! Being out in the field with Jeff gave me a deeper respect and appreciation for what he and all the other Dealers/Managers do daily!” With her wonderful sense of humor, quick wit and an endless desire to help those around her, Lila Van Horn is worthy of infinite awards and tributes. We are excited and humbled to honor her as a Signtronix Lady of the Month!

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