Jan 06 2012

Signtronix Gunslingers In Relentless Pursuit

Signtronix RM Joel Pelton’s San Antonio Gunslingers continued their relentless pursuit of Showcase Locations, led by Signtronix DM Daniel Reuter, who placed a Signtronix DF Model 48 at a Mexican Restaurant, a Signtronix DF Model 26 at a Boutique and a Signtronix DF Model 44 on Saturday. Also getting into the act with a Saturday placement was Michael Durham, who placed a Signtronix SF Model 310 at a Glass Store.  Bob Bozarth and Luis Aguilar placed a Model 8 panel at an Herbalife Distributor, Greg Sandoval placed a set of Model 46 panels at an Oilfield Equipment Business and Stanley Reyna placed a DF Model 45.
Gunslingers are really on a roll!  Way to go!


The road to success has no speed limit.”  ~L. Nicole Green

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