Sep 19 2012

Signtronix - Dreaming Big Versus Thinking Small

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Without our dreams all we have is reality.  And although reality is an essential part of the process, if you are overly realistic, you will minimize your dreams.

Similarly, once you’re focused on a dream, you will need to strategize on how to accomplish it.  But if you strategize too quickly, you may compromise the dream.  Though the realist in your may want to know where the time or money is going to come from, you may not have it all figured out in the early phases.  And that’s okay because if you live primarily focused on problem-solving, most of your energy will go toward fixing what is wrong or getting rid of what you don’t want, and your passion may be squelched in the process.  Thus, it’s a useful practice to embellish and enhance the dram for awhile before considering the nuts and bolts of how you are going to accomplish it.


As you open yourself up to unlimited possibilities, amazing things begin to happen.  Follow through on your intentions as your “Walk Your Talk”.  Be a visionary.  A visionary has a vision or a dream, articulates it with clarity and passion, gets others excited about it and invites them to play.  Dream big, share your dreams and remind others to do the same!


“Being a part of the Signtronix family has afforded me an opportunity to be who I am.”  ~Al Borgers

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