Jan 12 2015

Signtronix - Boston Team Eagle

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Greg Day was excited to write that infamous 10th contract and move on to Senior Dealer. He made a decision at the Monday morning meeting that this was the week to accomplish his goal. Tuesday, Greg placed an LED-40-3 at a Liquor Store, and Wednesday, he placed a LED-60-2 to a Gun Shop & Range. You can’t go home on a “yes,” so he persevered and placed another LED-60-2 to another Liquor Store and that did it! Greg excitedly stepped up to the next level. Congratulations, Greg!

Bob Sullivan is taking charge of the Imagelite product for the team. Pita’s Restaurant is the new owner of a 34-40 Imagelite. They are so excited they’re already talking about more units and they haven’t received the first one yet. Bob read a message that has given him a new outlook, “Successful people embrace failure because they learn from it”. That’s the power of positive thinking!

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