Jan 16 2015

Signtronix - Alabama “A” Team

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Shane McNair is working his way closer to Senior Dealer. He recently found a Dental Office in need of a new Model 38. Jon Howell has been having fun working with almost everybody on the team. He started the month of October working with Bruce Carpenter and helping a Fitness Gym with an LED-60 2-line window unit and kept the momentum going as he teamed up with CJ Gordon and Josh Gither.

Daniel Miles found Ice at a Cash for Gold Store and is working hard to master his presentation and fine tune his skills.

CJ Gordon has been busy with Josh Gither, Jon Howell and on his own. Already past the half-way mark to Senior Dealer, CJ has helped a Restaurant, a Body Shop, a Formal Wear Store and a Tattoo Shop, to name a few. CJ is a personal recruit of RM Ron Gither and a close friend of Josh’s and the Gither family. “He’s a hard worker and a great asset to the team.”

Joshua Gither, son of RM Ron Gither, has also been working hard and studying the business. Josh has been putting in long days and working Saturdays to prove he can sell signs. Josh earned a bonus sign as a Junior Dealer in his 1st 30 days and followed up by earning Senior Dealer status, a watch, a few “Grand-A-Week” plaques and a “Grand A Day” plaque.

DM Brandon Gither has been on fire! Brandon has shown Jon, CJ, Josh, Bruce and Daniel how to help existing customers add to their signage and how to farm a town for new customers. Outdoor Tri-Color units, full color window units, Imagelites, panel changes or outdoor lighted signs; Brandon finds the need and fills it.

RM Ron Gither is proud of his team. Everybody is working hard and smart. “I can’t believe the work ethic of CJ Gordon and Josh Gither. These men are 18 years old and they are making a statement. They are proving that following the program and putting in the effort works!”

Ron would like to thank Tim McNeal, Seth McNeal, Tom Johnson and Vernie Boren for their visits and their help. Our team has been blessed with contact from some amazing people.

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