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Jan 05 2015

Signtronix - RM’s on Schedule

Bill Bennetti Southeast Legends Bill Gigax Nashville Katz Brian Kornuth Colorado Cougars Buddy Swisshelm Steel City Eagles

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Dec 03 2014

Signtronix - Join the Movement

This is it!  If you haven’t participated in helping CEO Tommy Boren by getting a “Personal Recruit” for 2013, then put it on your to do list for 2014. 

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Oct 07 2013

Signtronix - Island Espresso

Dear Signtronix, Here are photos of the finished sign.  Looks great! Lots of positive comments and people actually seeing all the stuff I offer is a plus…

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Oct 04 2013

Signtronix - Frank’s Barber Shop

This was a replacement sign. My first sign was also from your company. The company then was called ‘Gulf’. That was 31 years ago. I was very pleased then and I am very pleased now.

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Oct 02 2013

Signtronix -Eclectic Trading Co.

To Whom It May Concern, I filled out the survey form regarding the first 15 new people that came into the store and 7 came in through newspaper advertisement and 8 through word of mouth.  I just now had one customer that came in because of the sign today. 

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Sep 09 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - South Carolina Rebels

The South Carolina Rebels have a problem. Don’t worry, it’s a GREAT problem. New Rebel, Chris Magnus, announced that RM Wes Shealy will NEVER be able to pry his sample out of his hot little hands. Chris has found a home at Signtronix! Chris went through indoor class training and couldn’t wait to get out […]

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Jul 03 2013

Signtronix - ARTLINK: The New Secret to Sign Success

ArtLink is the NEW and undeniable secret to sign success. The program has proven to provide amazing first-read signs for your customers while easing the design responsibility on you! The way the program works is simple! First, log-in to the ArtLink site and make a request. The request form contains all the information needed to […]

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Jun 21 2013

The Signtronix Roundup - New Mexico Roadrunners

January started with positive activity! It was a great start with the addition of two new dealers on January 1st! RM Andrew Howe said, “We welcome Donovan Rhodes and David Joy.” An outstanding experience was day three of training when the class observed RM Andrew Howe demonstrate the presentation to a farmer who was intrigued […]

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Mar 25 2013

Signtronix - Taking Philadelphia by Storm

Pennsylvania Liberty Bells RM Joe Brewer has been showing St. Louis Road Warriors DM Seth McNeal the sights, sounds and sales of Philadelphia. Joe and Seth, along with leading ladies, Rosemary and Sarah, went to Phillies game, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

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Mar 20 2013

Signtronix - The Power Of Praise

By Rick Rossetti “People who feel good about themselves produce good results.”  That made a heck of a lot of sense to me when I first read it in “The One Minute Manager.”  Zig Zigler said to be a “good finder.”  No one is perfect. 

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