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Types of LED Signs

Programmable LED Message

Greyscale - Color RGB - Full Motion Video - Monochrome


You get one color LED (Amber or Red typcially) to deliver your message. Monochrome EMCs are primarily used to deliver text messages, and some basic logo's and graphics. This is the most popular category of electronic message centers on the market. They are a powerful, cost effective way to get the attention of your mobile market.

Monochrome Sign


These are the newest and hottest electronic message centers available on the market today! The product that we represent has a 256 shade intensity spectrum that delivers the approximate resolution of a Black and White TV. These EMC's are priced significantly less than color message centers and still are able to produce full motion graphics. Available in red or amber.

Grayscale LED Sign


Tri color LED signs have two LED color lamps (red and green) on the sign, but the way the lights are fired together make it appear as three colors - red, green and amber/yellow. Tri color LED signs have a better application for simple graphics and animations as well as having the ability to highlight your messages with focus words or phrases shown in specific or different colors.

Tri Color LED Sign


This high-powered control system produces BILLIONS of colors to create full motion video or animations as well as high resolution graphics. This show-stopper of a display is the perfect application to really get noticed by your audience passing your business. Display your products or services in full color and your potential customers will certainly get the message!

Full Color LED Sign

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